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Today, TV has become an important family member and is found in almost every home simply because it is the one stop affordable entertainment medium for the entire family.

It keeps you and your family engaged, updated and happy 24x7. But the fact is that without Cable, your TV would not be able to do any of this ! The television becomes useless if you remove the Cable connection from it. Similarly, Internet has become the fourth basic need of human life.

It is an important factor for the development of country as well as for the entertainment of people.

Taking inspiration from this fact, the founder Mr. Tejas J. Kandpile laid the foundation of Tejas Cable Networks, a Den Network franchise along with a experienced staff to start this revolutionary entertainment service.

The company has kept itself updated in all its effort to provide a better services and HD Cable TV Service, Internet services with promised speeds at affordable prices to over households.

DEN Bringing World class Entertainment to millions of happy families !

See how much you can save on Den Digital Cable

Offer Price

Set Top Box :2000/- / 1700/-

Per Month Package : 300/-

Annual Package : 3300/-

Installation Charges

Monthly Pack : 250/-

Annual Pack :

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